6 interesting Windows Phone apps that you should try today

6 interesting Windows Phone apps that you should try today

If you are a sucker for mobile apps then chances are that you already have your favorite list of apps. Applications have literally changed our lifestyles – they allow us to do so many things that we couldn’t do before. Just imagine you can visit a foreign country and still be able to communicate regardless of language barriers thanks to apps like Google Translate and Translator for Windows Phone. This is just one of the few endless possibilities that mobile apps offer.

Windows Phone is one of the mobile operating systems which allows its users to download and install mobile apps. The only downside to Windows Phone today is that app support is very limited when compared to the competition. But don’t let this discourage you, the OS still has some very cool and useful apps. Below are some of my favorite.



6tag is a 3rd party Instagram client. The developers of 6tag are the same guys who brought you 9gag and 6vine. It provides all the functionality that you’d get in the Android Instagram app and even more — You can upload and download both photos and videos, resize and re-post photos, view nearby users, change themes and create collages. The downside is that sending direct messages can be a bit of a problem and the app also has in-app purchases. Even so it is still better than Instagram Beta.


Photo Editor

The Microsoft store doesn’t have advanced photo-editing apps like Snapseed which is available on IOS and Android. However, there are a few available photo-editing apps which stand out from the rest. Photo Editor Pro is one of them. You can manually change the hue, brightness and saturation as well as adding text and filters to your photos.


Bible Pronto

Bible Pronto has a live tile feature which shows the verse of the day. I stumbled upon it when i was on the search for a Bible app which could let me easily highlight, take notes and share verses. Bible pronto has all these features and more. Even though it is not as ‘perfect’ as its Android counterparts, it still offers more features than the other Bible apps in the Microsoft Store.



On a scale of 0-10, I honestly give this dictionary a 9, It has surpassed my expectations for a Dictionary app – It has a very rich library of words. The Dictionary also has a ‘favorites’ tab where you can add your most-liked words and a ‘history’ tab which lets you recall the definitions of your recently searched words.

Looking for a word and you are not sure of how it ends or begins?  The dictionary provides word predictions as you type making it easier for you to find the word you are looking for. In the app, this is referred to as a ‘wildcard’. If you are not sure of the word pronunciation you can use the speech option for the correct pronunciation. Another big bonus for the app is that it is offline and has no in-app purchases.



You have just joined Pinterest and you are looking for an app which allows you to easily pin, save and upload new images to the site. This is that app! The app allows you to change your background color, the number of pins on screen. as well also double-tapping to like a photo the same way you’d do on Instagram. It’s only disadvantage is that it has a few bugs but this wont stop you from using it.


Seven Minute Workout

Meet your new workout mate, the Seven minute workout app. One gets to do 12 exercises per circuit in seven minutes. Yes, only seven minutes but you will be panting at the end of it. It has a seven month challenge with a new workout routine unlocked every second month. You also have the option of customizing your own workout. The app also tracks your routine and reminds you to workout.

What are your favorite Windows Phone apps? Kindly let me know in the comments section below

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