Liveluvo is giving away full scholarships to any Kenyan university of choice

Liveluvo is giving away full scholarships to any Kenyan university of choice

LIVELUVO, has announced that it will be giving away full university scholarships that will see the winners supported financially through their entire university degree.

“We feel rewarded to be able to offer inspired Kenyans the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge needed for their chosen career paths”

Jas Minhas

LIVELUVO is a Kenyan Android App-based community network that allows its users to find personal and professional opportunities, seek and share advice and grow with other like minded people – in other words, it is a digital village where you can exchange services, develop skills, and proactively earn.


LIVELUVO allows you to share knowledge, skills and services with other users

We all know how hard it is to apply and receive a scholarship, and you might shrug and say, “I have tried so many times and they don’t consider me”… Well, this is different! Lemme not even call it an application because there are no forms to fill, no legal documents to provide or lengthy board meetings to appoint the awardees. All you have to do is participate in a treasure hunt where clues will be provided within the LIVELUVO platform and community members will be required to follow the clues in order to get a chance to claim the ultimate prize! Easy, right?

The idea is quite simple: There is an offer already posted on LIVELUVO with the Title “Get a Full University scholarship”. Over the course of 4 weeks, golden envelopes will be hidden in well-known places around Nairobi and participants will need to follow the clues provided to find a golden envelope! The first 10 people to arrive at the specific location for that week will win a LIVELUVO Hamper (everyone is a winner with LIVELUVO) and then be entered into an on-the-spot raffle draw to receive a smartphone voucher.


The offer is posted on LIVELUVO with the Title “Get a Full University scholarship”

At the end of the 4 week Hunt, all 40 winners will be entered into a lucky dip made by a renowned independent scholar and one lucky participant will receive the ultimate prize of the scholarship!

The following are the only requirements to participate in the hunt:

  • You have to be a legal resident of Kenya with identification.
  • You have to either be a current student or provide an acceptance letter at an accredited Kenyan university or college within 8 weeks of receiving the Scholarship prize.
  • You have to be a member of LIVELUVO (With the App Installed and a profile created).
  • You have to be following LIVELUVO on at least one Social Network. (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)

Through this scholarship, LIVELUVO hopes to help create a brighter future for the successful member of their community through the removal of the financial barrier.

This is not the first time LIVELUVO is investing in the growth of Kenyans. In addition to being an online marketplace that helps create opportunities for all, LIVELUVO have gone beyond the App to invest in the offline community. They are the primary sponsors of ‘LIVELUVO Design to Transform’ which facilitates the creation of sustainable online resources for Children Homes that need them. For the youth who take part in the development of these websites, there is the chance to develop their skills, makes new contacts whilst empowering the community.

By now am sure you have downloaded the App and signed up for the service (if you haven’t you can do that here). Let the hunt begin!

More information about about the LIVELUVO Scholarship Hunt can be found here