5 Android apps that will greatly boost your productivity

5 Android apps that will greatly boost your productivity

In this day where smartphones and tablets are a vital part of our lives, it has never been easier to stay productive. This can be attributed to the huge number and wide variety of apps that these gadgets offer. These apps allow us to simplify banking, take notes, set alarms, plan our daily activities and so much more.

Because of the huge number of productivity apps and tools that are available in the Play Store, it can be a bit overwhelming finding the right ones for you and your needs without sampling quite a number of them.

The following is a list of some the best productivity apps that I frequently use to keep myself on track, stay organized, save time and get more work done both at home and at work. You should try them out.


Google Keep

There are so many note taking apps in the play store but none of them comes close to Keep when considering functionality, simplicity and ease of use. You also get the full package for free unlike other note-taking apps for example Evernote which you have to pay a fee for additional features.

The app allows you to take written notes and lists, voice notes as well as picture notes. Reminders can also be set for each of the four items alerting you at a time that you have set. The app has a simple interface where notes and lists are either arranged in a multi-column view or a list view. Notes and lists can be customized further with labels or colored backgrounds.

Google Keep

Keep lets you share you notes & lists

I personally use keep every day for making to-do lists, taking quick notes and noting down ideas that may pop up when I don’t have a pen or paper nearby. What makes keep special is that it syncs all these across all my devices so I can still access them even on my desktop when I don’t have my phone nearby.

Another great feature in keep is the ability to share notes and lists in real time. In the screenshot for example, you notice that there is a contact icon in the left lower corner of the note. This means that the to-do list is shared between me and that contact and so if one us does the task and checks it on the list, it will also reflect on the other person’s side. This can save you a lot of time and money that you would have used when handling such simple things through other means such as phone calls.

If you are looking for the best free app for taking notes and making lists then you need to give this app a try.


Google Drive

Drive is one of those apps that you shouldn’t miss on your android phone. Aside from offering a very reliable cloud service platform for uploading your files, the app also integrates some useful office tools which include Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and a PDF viewer to view and manage your documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

What I love most about Drive is how it eases team collaborations. If you work with a lot of people for example sharing information with your classmates, you can work on the same files at the same time in Drive no matter where you are. When someone makes an edit, the change will appear automatically on everyone’s side and you can also see who made that change. Simple, right? Collaboration in drive is fantastic.



Outlook is a free email service by Microsoft that lets you access your emails and integrates your calendar, contacts and selected cloud storage apps all in one place. I have been using the Outlook android app for almost a year now to access both my personal outlook email and my work email and so far it has been a smooth ride.

You’d expect the app to be cluttered with all these information and features in one place but that’s not the case. The app has a flat material design look that’s well done and is easy to navigate even if you are using it for the first time. I actually find using it simpler than using the Gmail app.

By default, there is a ‘Focused’ inbox where your important email appears and the ‘Other’ inbox  where emails that aren’t important appear but you can choose to turn this off if you like. These two major tabs allow you to access all your emails without going through so many options. Other than this, the app also integrates a simple version of the sunrise calendar which allows you to create and organize your events without switching to the main calendar app thus saving you a lot of time. Outlook also integrates cloud services like Dropbox, Box and OneDrive allowing you to access and send your files easily no matter where they are.


Sunrise Calendar

All Smartphones have calendar apps preinstalled in them. Most of these calendars are usually plain and more on the minimalist side – I mean the most you can do is view the calendar and create simple events. If you are looking for a calendar which offers more then look no further than the Sunrise Calendar. This calendar will make you a better person for real. What makes this app different from all the other calendar apps is how it works well with other apps like Facebook, Wunderlist, Evernote, LinkedIn, Github, Eventbrite, Twitter and many others. You can also integrate calendars from  services like icloud, Google, Outlook and many more.

Once you have linked all these apps with Sunrise, it pulls information from them so you can see your Facebook events and birthdays, Evernote reminders and tasks, appointments etc inside the app. The app also allows you to manipulate a task or event for example, inside the app and sync them back to the original app which they were created on.

Other than these, there is much more that you can do with Sunrise including adding popular sports calendars, TV show calendars, calendars based on religion, holidays and much more.



Pushbullet is one of the first apps that I install when I get a new device. This essential app lets you send (push) links, texts and files from your computer to your smartphone or tablet and vice versa. For you to enjoy this service, all you need to do is install the app then install the push bullet plugin in your computer’s browser. Once this is done you are ready to transfer items between your devices without going through long processes like connecting your phone to your computer via a USB cable or uploading an item to drive via your phone then downloading it again via your PC for example. Pushbullet also shows all notifications from your phone on your PC thus reducing the need to look down at your device every now and again when a notification pops up.

What are your favorite productivity apps? Kindly let me know in the comments section below

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